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Magenta, who has Aspergers, had some difficulty figuring out how to people until she went and got a Masters degree on the subject. She’s worked as a sex educator and HIV prevention specialist, and been active in sex positivity for the past decade, including lecturing at major Universities on poly, kink, and consent. She is currently in a long term anchor partnership with a male partner, and in a polypod with male and female partners of varying levels of involvement. She hosts consent-focused orgies every month and a half. Follow her on twitter at @geekymagenta . Magenta identifies as gender queer but is comfortable with She/Her or They/Them.


Shaina grew up in Chicago, but spent most her early life travelling the world going to science-fiction and fantasy conventions. She grew up in a distinctly geeky household, and has been a bit confused about proper human interaction ever since. She is currently in an 8 year long, monogamous relationship with the man who she lost her virginity to. She hasn’t gone to look for it, though. Follow her on Twitter at @lovensausages where she will be your best friend if you understand what her Twitter handle is a reference to. Shaina uses She/Her pronouns.

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